Monday, June 14, 2010

"Who Says You can't Go Home" - Bon Jovi

It's been an eventful week. Wednesday the 9th we rode into Parma, Idaho with a police escort to the park and was meet by the newspaper lady and others. I graduated from high school here in 1981. That night Skyler and I spoke to a group of 50 Boy Scouts and Leaders. Thursday we went to my brother Eddies in Nampa and celebrated Faith's 9th birthday. Friday we road to my Aunt Verna and Uncle Pete Merricks near Bruneau. Saturday we made it near Bliss. The last two days (and next several) we have been on the old Oregon Trail route from wagon train history. We drove the van two hours back to Parma. I was the honorary speaker at the all class reunion (anyone that had graduate from Parma High School). There were about 200 there and they were a fantastic group to speak to. They donated nearly $200 to The Shriners cause. Sunday night we also spoke to a church group. All the nights in Parma we stayed with my best friend from high school, Alan Weber.

The picture is from Hagerman Fossil Museum. It is a horse/zebra like animal (I call it a Zorse) that is 3.2 million years old.

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