Friday, June 25, 2010

Where the Deer and The Antelope Play...

Friday June 25th: Last night we stayed at the Ross' house in Rawlins, Wyoming. They had us speak to a small group of Boy Scouts and took great care of us. This morning I was on the Rawlins radio station and in the newspaper (that is number 15). Poor Skyler hasn't been able to ride with me the last few days. His ankle is swollen and hurts bad. He snapped a ligament years ago so he went to the doctor to check it our. He got a brace and new hard shoes made for biking. Next week he will try riding more and more each day to see how it goes.

I want to thank Penny and Monty Sheridan of Hanna for being so nice to us.

Saturday 26th: I saw about 70 wind mills. They are 350 feet tall. The tallest structure in Wyoming. At Medicine Bow they were having "Bow Days" It was a real small town activity. There were about 6 little booths. The mayor was walking around with Whip cream all over his face from the pie throwing booth. The fast draw (gun) shooting contest was cool. But most exciting is that here lives the buffalo chip throwing world champion. There was a huge storm quickly developing and I decided to try and out run it. I was pedalling like crazy for over an hour. Even going 20 mph up hill. The storm was slowly catching me and I was staying on the outside edge of it while I got rained on. The clouds behind me where real black and there was lightning. The houses are far apart but I finally I found an old trailer house that looked like a rowdy lived there. I knocked but no one answered. I went in the barn to get out of the rain and lightning and was worried that I would see a shot gun come around the corner and be put in my face. I got even more worried when I saw the shelf lined with a hundred empty beer bottles. I was preparing my death speech and looking for sometime white that I could hold around the corner as a surrender flag. Then the rain lightened up so I quickly took off and pedaled like crazy but barely moved against a 30 mph wind. I went 64 miles today.

Sunday 27th: We gave a constitution talk to a church group tonight. I have to say that the Lehmitz family were a blast to spend time with. They have a church magazine called the New Era. I was surprised to see that an article I had wrote for that magazine was in this months issue. We were so excited to see it. It's about an experience I had as a boy rafting down a river without a paddle and comparing that to going through life without goals.

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