Monday, June 21, 2010

Adventures In Wyoming

Monday June 21st: After Evanston, Wyoming we passed about 100 of those big huge windmills.

I have heard about the Three-Sisters for months. The road goes down, down, down, a mountain and then up, up, up a mountain - three times. We made it with no problem. There was some road construction and up one hill the road workers gave us a standing ovation. One yelled out, "Great job, I could never do that."

We went by Fort Bridger named after the most famous mountain man, explorer, trapper, tour guide, of the west, Jim Bridger.

In Lyman we got a special treat. The Gateway Inn let us stay in their motel for free. Thanks to them and Mike Buckner for that.

Today was about 70 miles of riding.

Tuesday June 22nd:

On the freeway there was construction causing a long line of cars to form. For some reason I got great satisfaction being on a bicycle and flying by all the cars that where moving at a snails pace.

I went by Green River, Wyoming. The cliffs and buttes are a pretty color green and so is the river, hence the name of the city. We got into the newspaper again

We gave a presentation at the Pilot Butte church. I guess they liked it because they bought us dinner and let us stay the night inside the church! That was cool. I have never sleep over in a church before. It was tough trying to decide which of the dozens of rooms to sleep in. Thanks to Bishop Rose and all those that were so kind to us. At Little America we meet a couple of cross-country bike riders like us, Chris and Colton from California. They were great help. They changed Skyler's tire that had a chunk missing. They stayed the night at the church with us.

55 miles today.

Wednesday 23rd: Yesterday I was so proud of myself for passing cars on the freeway. Today I was even more excited to pass a train of coal cars. I caught and passed it. I know it was going up hill...but so was I! As I was basking in my glory I suddenly realized that I had gone the wrong way for a few miles. That's the first time I've done that. I've been careful not to do that because it's not like in a car if you go the wrong way on a bike it takes a lot of time and I am already pedaling all day as it is.

It accidental got on a dirt road on the open rang and far off, eight wild horses saw me and started running towards me. It was cool until they looked like a stampede coming toward me, but luckily they crossed the road just behind me. I saw several Pronghorn Antelope and got close many times. One ran along side of me for a while. I constantly see prairie dogs. They are all over. They screech out a red alert signal and then run down a hole. The rabbits startle me the most because they dart out lightning fast just feet away.

68 miles today.

Thursday 24th: Last night we camped out just off the freeway in the middle of no where. It was the only place we could find. So happens we where very close to the train tracks. The trains came about every 45 minutes. There was a dirt road across the tracks so they would blow their horn and it seemed like they saw us so they would blast the horn a few extra times for fun.

I got my first flat tire of the trip near the Continental Divide (7000 feet). Believe it or not I've never changed a flat and couldn't get anything to work right. We were blessed, like so many times on this trip, to have a man that was in the right place at the right time to fix my tire.

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I've enjoyed reading this tonight...what an adventure...I was just making sure it was o.k. for me to put your website/blog address on the relief society bulletin board...just leave a comment here..I'll check back!

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