Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't tease Badgers

Friday June 4th: All I see is miles of sage brush with the mountains all around in the back ground and I love it. I saw a badger today. I put my bike between me and the badger and slowly inched myself closer and closer until I was about two yards away. It started hissing louder and louder and flatted itself out to look big and did this little bounce up and down thing to try and scare me. I was too stupid to be scared until I remember hearing that if threatened badgers will tear you apart with their sharp claw. Finally the badger ran off and I had to laugh at its cute waddle. But then I realized that it all wasn't worth a possible trip to the emergency room. I learned a good life lesson that sometimes in life harmful activities or behaviors might give us an adrenaline rush or seem exciting at the time the consequences are never worth it.

I tried to go as far as I could since I had a 25 mph wind at my back. I made it about 70 miles (for the second day in a row). We stooped in the very small town of Wagontire. "Very small" is an extreme over exaggeration. The sign said population 3 but it is really only 1. It is true, only one guy lives there in a trailer. The cafe, hotel, and gas station have all closed down. He was real friendly and let us camp in one of the RV sites for free.

Sunday 6th: Yesterday (Saturday) we road to Burns. We had a wind in our face all day. I was real tired and glad that today is Sunday because we never ride on Sundays. It is t he only day of the week that we rest. We went to church at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That night we gave an hour presentation there. The people were wonderful.

We stayed with Sharon and Stacy (yes, that is his first name and if you go through town don't tease him about it...he is the county sheriff) Johnson at their ranch. His brothers families, Alan and Kevin, live nearby too. They all treated us so well. They are super great people. They have an interesting health product at Also a special thanks for the great hospitality from Mr. and Mrs. Romans in Vale, Oregon (Tuesday 8th).

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