Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Man Versus Wild"

Sorry that I haven't written for a few days. I feel like I was just in a few episodes of Survivor Man out in the Oregon wilderness. No shower, cell phone, or computer for days.

Monday May 31st: We left my mom's house in Roseburg and went to Idleyde Park. We stayed with the Krysky family. They were wonderful to us. Mr. Krysky showed us videos of the civil war cannons that he makes and fires. It was very interesting.

Tuesday June 1st: We continued going east on Hwy 138. It is so green and pretty. There are permanent waterfalls and temporary waterfalls everywhere. We are following the river and it is a pretty green color.

We are without the van support for two days and I didn't bring rain gear because the forecast was only 20% chance of rain but I grew up in western Oregon and should know that 20% here means that's how many people think that it actually won't rain. We did get rained on a little here and there but nothing to bad. Today was all uphill.

Wednesday June 2nd: Did I say that it didn't rain too much on us? Well that was until today. Actually it started when we began to set up camp last night and rained all night and all today. We did find out that our untested tent is not completely waterproof. We waited until afternoon for it to stop but no chance of that so we put on the untested rain gear and away we went. The last two days we went from not much above see level to the summit of the Cascade Mountains at 5,925 feet. We were a little wet under the rain clothes and there was snow all around us so it was getting cold. Luckily it finally stopped raining on the several miles of downhill or we would have froze. I knew if Skyler and I could make it through this two days of straight uphill then we could do just about anything.

What makes this trip so challenging is that we have so many speaking appointments set up on specific days that we have to stay on schedule come rain or shine, which reminds me I forgot to mention that we did get hailed on too.

Thursday 3rd: People here are so friendly. We stopped along side the road for a snack at Klamath Marsh and the first two cars that came by asked if we needed help. We bought hamburgers from a single mom and tried to give her a tip but she told us to keep it for our cause. We have had people along the way donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Don't forget that is the main reason way we are doing this, and thanks so much to all those that have donated or helped in anyway. Go to the home page
if you would like to donate. If everyone we talked to only donated one dollar it would be a large amount.

We are sad that Jim Francis was not able to come on the trip with us but he did a great job of calling church leaders along the route to find us occasional homes to stay at and also places to speak. So happens my best friend from Jr. High, Scott Tobiason, is the leader of the congregation in Christmas Valley. We had to ride 70 miles today straight to the church and got there in time to give a presentation. Laura first talked about the miracles with the health of our three adopted girls and I talked about patriotism. After that we went to my old friend's (Scott Tobiason) house. Ironically like my wife and I they also adopted all three of their kids and also like us two are from Latin American countries. Scott got out the Jr. High yearbooks and we had fun reminiscing.

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