Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm a Radio Star!

Monday June 28th: I got a flat tire today. No problems the whole trip and now two flats in less than a week. Thanks to Dewey in Laramie at Pedal House for fixing it so quickly and cheaply.

I went to the designated meeting place at Grayrocks Reservoir after 72 miles today. I waited for an hour and a half in the dark for Laura. I was real tired going against the wind all day, but there were a million mosquitoes so to keep them off of me I kept riding or power walking about 200 yards up and down the same stretch of road. Luckily I stopped a policeman that went and found Laura before I was carried away by the mosquitoes. I have bites all over me. I ended out with 85 miles on my bike today.
Tuesday 29th: At Fort Laramie there was a funny sign. See the picture on the left.
Above is a photo of me on radio KGOS in Torrington, Wyoming. I also have a sound bite at
Just fast forward to the 4 minute 50 second mark. All the media are nice but Anita at the station was simply wonderful. She is going to follow my blog to give her listeners a weekly update. I hope all you other media members are doing the same. Remember the whole purpose of this adventure is to raise money for Shriner Hospitals for Children. I don't know why but there haven't been many donations lately so please go to the home page and find the donate buttons within the text.

Today was a rough 72 miles to Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I left at 7:30 AM and had a 20 mph wind at my face all day and barley made it in time for my 7 PM speaking appointment that night. Thanks to Taylors' and Tom Townsend for setting it up and for all their help.

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