Sunday, June 13, 2010

Solar Power by Goal0

I have to show you a few pictures of our solar equipment from our sponsor The first picture, above, is the battery. The next picture shows the solar panel over the battery. They are both relatively light and come in very handy. You can put on as many solar panels as you need and it charges the battery, from the sun of course, whether you are riding or not. You can also charge the battery in a regular house outlet or from the car. The battery then is used to charge cell phones, Ipods, what ever. One day we were behind schedule. Since we were on a secluded road with no cars we rode at night. We had three lights hooked up to three Goal0 batteries and where lit up like a Christmas tree.

The third picture shows all the equipment for the girls in the van. I don't know much about car batteries but since the van only goes about 50-60 miles a day I am afraid of it not being charged enough for all the girls electrically needs so we use two sets of Goal0 equipment. It looks like a lot of stuff, but it all fits into a small bag. It is all very durable to last through my daughters setting on it in the van and dropping things all the time. They use it to watch DVDs, listen to music, lights for around camp. It works so well that they really only need one set of equipment for all their needs. Go to to see more (also to post from Friday April 16h).

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