Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost There

Tuesday Aug. 10th: I can't believe that I only have two days of riding left! Yesterday I went through the scenic Delaware River Gap and into New Jersey.

Yesterday I found out that I don't need a stunt double. Usually if I go near a parked car I make sure no one is in it. I was going along, not too fast, and a guy all of the sudden opened his car door. I simultaneously leaned to the left to avoid contact, but then had to regain my balance so I reached ahead, grabbed the door, and then half shut it to get by unscathed.

What a crazy route I had today. From Mendham, New Jersey to Fort Lee, New Jersey where I would be right next to the George Washington Bridge to cross into Manhattan, New York tomorrow. I had 65 different roads that I had to go on today. I only got lost twice (for half an hour each time). I started on a bike trail that ended up being a killer mountain bike trail with huge rocks and gigantic tree roots all over. I had to go so slow that the turtles were laughing as they passed me up. Just before I got to Fort Lee I found out that the place we were going to stay at fell through. There was no were to camp, and it was real hot, and a yuckie hotel here is $135. Luckily Jennifer and Bruce Jones said we could drive back to their house for the night. We were more than happy to make the 45 minute drive. We stayed with them last night and had a great visit, and we were so thankful again for them.

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