Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a Small World

Thursday Aug. 5th: I had to concur my fears by passing an Amish buggy, but I made sure that they didn't make a left turn into me (see Sat. July 24th).

I now have my first member of the Willard White Fan Club, Britten Wheeler. Britten and Dan are a super couple that live in Danville, PA. Britten was so funny. She was just so amazed by my bike trip that she almost put my picture over the picture of her hero, the legendary 49er quarterback Steve Young. She also wants to get a group together to meet us at the finish in Coney Island, New York.

Friday Aug. 6th: I went up some killer mountains today, especially the last few miles into Freeland. I was tired and my legs hurt. Laura happened to find me and rode along side me in the van with the song, "The Climb" playing real loud. It was funny. She then went ahead and pulled off the side of the road. When I came by they had the doors open and were singing along to the same song. It actually helped a lot getting up that last mountain. Tomorrow I will be riding through the famous Poconos mountains.

Tonight we stayed with a fun family, the Hulls. Faith and their kids put on a talent show for us after dinner. It was so cute.
Monday Aug. 7th: We spent the weekend with Paulene W. and went to church with here. She is a wonderful lady. We had a great time visiting her and she cooked us some of her authentic Jamaican food. I like her house rule, "The dad gets his food first."
An amazing thing happened at church. One of the speakers came up to me after and asked if I remembered him. It was Ben Clark. I taught him in high school about 12 years ago! He couldn't remember anything that I had taught him, but more importantly he did remember some of my jokes. We also met Mr. Carrion and his dad who is from Peru and he knew a lot of the same people that we know in Peru!
I can't believe it. Only three more days of bike riding until we will reach our final destination.

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