Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Right Place(s) at the Right Time(s).

Tuesday August 3rd: I can't believe it! Two whole days without a flat tire! My luck must be changing.

Laura and Faith felt like they should stop at a certain place for lunch and the owner was a Shriner who gave a big donation and got a hold of three other Shriners who gave a big donation and gave us money for diner and got us a motel room for tonight (in Philipsburg) and took us to breakfast in the morning. All that from just picking the right place to go to lunch. There are no accidents in life.

Wednesday Aug. 4th: I was cruising a long at 20 mph when a bee slammed into my lip and instantly went into my mouth. It was an odd feeling as it crawled around in my mouth. I grabbed it as fast as I could. It had stung my lip which was swollen up real big and fat. When I tried to drink water it dribble out the side. Someone called that I had never talked to before and I could hardly talk. I figured the oatmeal in my Cliff power bar would help draw out the venom, and I knew the chocolate definitely wouldn't hurt. I chewed it until it was sticky and put it inside and outside around the stung part of my lip. It was brown colored and looked like I had chewing tobacco dripping down my mouth.

We had another little miracle today from being in the right place at the right time. I was trying to out run a killer lightning storm and went to a church for shelter (Faith Alive Fellowship) just before the monsoon hit. They were just starting their service. The minister gave a good lesson. Me and my family where setting in the back. We were surprised when the minister was talking about exercising faith and compared it to physical exercise and added an impromptu sermon by asking me questions about my bicycle ride. Then at the end the whole congregation prayed for us. That was real neat. Everyone was so friendly afterwards. One lady while shaking my hand passed me a fifty dollar bill. She didn't even mention her name nor did she want anyone to know. It was a total selfless act of charity. I wasn't to excited about sleeping in the rain tonight but no worries, a guy named Roy invited us to his house tonight. He, his wife, son (and wife) where real great to us.

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