Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Saturday July 31: Last night we saw a sign that said "Entering Rome." Laura jokingly declared, "When in Rome, do as the Romans." We had a great visit with the Lewis'. Mrs Lewis made gift bags for the girls, and a food bag for us to take today.

We started the day by driving back to Chardon to get flat tire number six repaired.

I rode across a Lake and entered into Pennsylvania, which I believe is one of the prettiest states in the country. It is so amazingly beautiful and there are mountains. They are not as high as the Mountains out West but after riding on mostly rolling hills and flat land for the last month my legs definitely say that these are mountains.

Monday Aug 2nd: We spent the weekend with the Tom Spence family. We had the option of staying at their home or at two different cabins at a YMCA that Tom owns. Wow, a choice of three different places to sleep! We decided to stay with the Spence in their home because they are such great people to be around, that includes the kids and grandparents too. We went to church with them Sunday (in Franklin, a half hour drive away) and then gave a presentation at the church that night.

A few miles after I left today I ran into the paparazzi. I guy seemed to appear out of no where next to a jeep and stated flashing pictures of me (This is the third time that has happened this summer but it still surprises me). Tom Spence's dad had called the newspaper and they sent someone to meet me along the route.

Today within an hour I had three phone messages for places to stay tonight. The Methodist pastor got a hotel for us. The Presbyterian pastor got a hotel for us. And a young Boy Scout, Billy C., said we could stay with him at his grandma's house. Wow! That is the second night in a row that we have had a choice of three places to stay. Last night Billy C. got a hold of me to come speak tonight to a scout troop at the Methodist church in Reynoldsville, Pa. The People there were all wonderful. Billy is an amazing young boy. A real go getter. He decided that he is going to have a Shriners fund raiser. One of the men there, Rick, gave us money for diner tonight and then rode a few miles with me the next morning as I headed out of town. It was fun to have the company for a while.

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