Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wednesday 12th: This is it. One more day. I have to ride through the largest, busiest city in the country. I can't have a brake down, crash, or any other problem (I hope I didn't jinks myself).

I entered New York City on the George Washington bridge. What a view! The bridge, the city buildings, the water. I went on the nice bike path along the Hudson River. I decided to be a tourist so I went down Broadway to Times Square. I'm not sure which was more difficult, trying to walk a bike on the overly crowded sidewalks or trying to ride on the bike line with all the people crossing the path without looking. It was still fun though. I went all the way down Manhattan. I also saw several other sights including Chinatown, and the work being done on the Freedom Tower (World Trade Center). I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and it took two hours to cross all of Brooklyn down to Coney Island.

I was scheduled to be at the World famous Nathan's Hot Dogs near the Board Walk at 6:30. All the media plans fell through. They must have had more important news to cover, like what shoes a famous actor chose to wear today, but Laura had spread the word so when I rode up there were a couple of policemen that congratulated me. The workers at Nathans clapped and cheered as well as about 40 people that where setting outside on tables eating. One lady yelled, "Welcome to Brooklyn." Several of them wanted their picture taken with me. Shobah's family came also (we appreciate her making the long drive, plus taking care of us and feeding us for the next four days).

We went down to the beach so I could touch the Atlantic Ocean with my bicycle tire. I got the bottle that I half way filled up with sand and water from the Pacific Ocean about 2 1/2 months ago. I reached down and filled the remaining half with the water and sand of the Atlantic Ocean. To me this is symbolic of the unity of our country and that when we work together we can accomplish anything. My 3,553.6 mile trip from sea to shining sea is now officially over. It hasn't totally hit me yet what I have done.

Lately there have been a lot of donations including some patrons, workers, and the owners (Marty and Melanie Low) of Zwahlen's Ice Cream and Chocolate Company, and John and Mel Harris of Blue Bell Camp, the Salazar's, the Walls, and many others. Thanks to my cousins the Skruggs and to my sponsor

Thanks also to our wonderful friend and song writer Wendy of Lantern Lane for letting Laura sing her beautiful and inspiring patriotic song all summer, "Founding Fathers of the Constitution." We are so grateful to have been able to sing this music that touched the hearts of hundreds of people as we crossed this land we love called America! For more of her music go to I hope I haven't forgot anyone somewhere throughout this blog.

There is still time for those of you that wish to donate to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Thank you so much to all that donated, that gave us a place to stay, that fed us, gave us encouragement, and helped in any way. It was all of you that made this adventure possible. Thanks for all your prayers. I think that it is a miracle that after crossing the country I only had flat tires, nothing else broke or went wrong with the bicycle. And also I didn't get sick or have any significant type of injury, crashes, or wrecks! That is truly amazing! (Ironically at night, the day that I finished, my toe swoll up and started hurting so bad that I could hardly walk on it). Now I want each of you to do sometime big this year. To go out and reach a goal or fulfill a dream that you have.

People have asked me what I will do next. I am not sure, but I do know that until the day that I die I can always proudly say, "I rode a bicycle across the United States!"

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kchap143 said...

Yeah Willard!!! We are so proud of you and excited for you to get back and tell us about your adventures!!