Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Wednesday July 7th: Monday Mr. Sillivan drove me into Broken Bow to start riding where I left off and ironically my route, that I planned several months ago, lead me back to their house 2 1/2 hours later. Mrs. Sillivan had enchiladas for us. It was hard to say bye to the Sillivans. They are such a fun family. It was especially hard trying to get Skyler to leave their two teenage daughters.

I forgot to mention last week I stopped by the shade of a tree to rest and there were a hundred bright golden colored dragonflies. Some where hovering in the air and others where on the plants. It was like I had just walked into a fairytale story.

I went 75 miles today and after last week's horrible wind today was a piece of cake. That is funny. I would have never thought that riding 75 miles in day would seem easy (It's really not easy, just easy compaired to last week).

Here is another example of how friendly people have been, especially in Nebraska. We were looking for a place to camp tonight and a lady drove Laura to a nice camp site. An hour later the lady came back with a huge warm plate of chocolate rice crispy treats that she had just made for us. Often we have people trying to find me a job or showing us houses for sale so we will move to their town.

We had called a local church and the Lindquists' almost begged us to stay with them Tuesday night. We feel so loved. I told them that I had lost 14 pounds so far and Mrs. Lindquist made it her mission to help me gain back all 14 pounds in 12 hours, and I loved it. Lots of home made food including the peach and apple pie. I even got to eat ice cream with my breakfast the next morning. Then they called the Chisholm family 50 miles away so we could stay with them tonight (Wednesday July 7th)!
Wahoo!... I made it to Wahoo (yes, that is the real name of the town). Wahoo!... I am going to be in the Wahoo newspaper! Wahoo!...(I could go on forever with this one).

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