Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm a TV Star Now!

Wednesday July 13th: I rode 76 miles today and the heat index got up to 118 degrees!!! I was completely, and I mean completely, soaked with sweat. I could have jumped into a hot tub and not even noticed a difference. Actually the hot tub might have been cooler. I was so exhausted. I had called pastor Clink who got us in the Presbyterian Family Center and we stayed there that night. There was a full basketball quart, racquetball, Foosball, but of course I was to tired to do anything, except take a shower and eat. There was a ton of food in the frig for us. We slept upstairs on the nice soft couches. I was so tired that I went to bed at 9:00 PM!

Friday July 15th: Yesterday we met a wonderful family, the Sheffields in Iowa City, after riding 75 miles. Today I had to hurry and ride 60 miles to be on TV in the afternoon. The Shriners got us a nice hotel in Davenport. They picked us up there and took us to the TV studio just in time. I was on the Paula Sands Live talk show! She is like the local Oprah. To see the interview go to,
then on the left click on "Paula Sands Live on July 16, 2010" and forward to about 14:30.
Then the Shriners took us to a steak dinner.

It is kind of fun when I go into s store, library, or church and a complete strangers comes up and says, "I saw you on TV."

Saturday July 17th:
I rode into Illinois and then along the Mississississississippi River bike trial for about 20 miles. It was gorgeous. Went 67 miles to Sterling, IL.

Sunday July 18th: We went to church with a great family, the Stocks. They took good care of us this weekend and invited the church members to their house this evening to hear our presentation.

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