Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't Take Your Glasses Swimming.

Tuesday July 27th: We spent the weekend with the Wilsons' of Angola, Indiana. Mr. Wilson is an avid cyclist so that was fun, and Mrs. Wilson is entertaining. She was suppose to talk in church Sunday but some how got me to replace her. Sunday night we had dinner with the Newhard family. One of their daughters had me autograph an article that I had published in a church magazine. I have a fat head now.

Saturday about 2 miles before the Wilson's house I got a flat. When I took it to the bike shop to get fixed Monday morning, Mr. Wilson had already prepaid to have it fixed plus two extra tubes also Mrs. Wilson donated $100 to the Shriners fund. I never ceased to be amazed by how many great people there are across the country.

We are in Ohio now.

Our good friends the Coles' used to live in this area of Ohio so we got a hold of K. Allen, of Delta, who directed us to his parents house. Mr. Allen had an extra little cute house that we stayed in last night and also we went swimming in their pond that was made for swimming plus it had several catfish, some about 2 feet long. The only problem is I think once when I jumped in from off the dock my glasses came off without me knowing it. I spent an hour and a half this morning looking for them. First I paddled around on a big floating thing looking in the water which was pretty clear. Then I walked through the clay and seaweed bottom trying to feel for the glasses. I also used a magnet and rake. I didn't find them. Usually I buy the cheapest glasses that I can find but I went all out on these and spent over $400 and only had them for about five months. I am wearing Laura's glasses now. They are not my prescription but they are better than my eyes alone.

After I was done with my deep sea hunt I decided I better get going and, oh no! Another flat tire! Mr. Allen helped me fix it.

I remember a song about a train when I was young, "Listen to the rhythm of the Wabash Cannonball." That R/R track has been converted to a bike path that I rode on today. After about an hour I realised that my tire was slowly going flat! I can't believe it! That is three flats in three days of riding! It takes a lot more effort to ride on a low tire. I had to pump it up six times in 20 miles to get to the bike shop. I have a little hand pump that takes a lot of work to use so my arms where sore the next day.

I had to go 70 miles today and with all that had happened so far it was getting late and I still had 50 more miles so I rode like crazy almost none stop for 3 1/2 hours to get to Tom Mather's house before dark. Tom knows the Allens' so he let us stay in his house tonight. The amazing thing is that he let us stay in his house even though he has never even meet us and also he is out town for a week! Thanks to his friend Charles for getting the key to let us in.

Wednesday July 28th: I got to see Thomas Edison's birthplace in Milan, Ohio (photo on the right).

I love the dollar stores. A couple of days ago I bought a can of nuts and a can of sardines and ate it at a display table in the store.

Tonight we had a real fun visit with a young couple Doug and Amy Toole of Elyria, OH.

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