Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pioneer Trails

Friday July 9th: 90% of the time the media puts out our story if I contact them personally but Omaha was different. Yesterday and today I went to three newspapers, four TV stations, and five radio stations and none of them where interested in our story! I couldn't believe it! I don't know if it was just bad luck or if all the big cities will all be like this.

The good news is the Zoo let us in for free. It is a real good zoo. We also saw the Lewis and Clark Landing point the mighty Missouri River. Most of this entire trip so far we have crossed or rode on all the famous pioneer routes of the Pony Express, Oregon Trial, and Mormon Trail plus others. My wife, myself, and Skyler have ancestors that came west on this pioneer trails. We have them to thank for our lives. I hope that some of their faith, tenacity, and endurance have worn off on me some how. They are probably looking down on us wondering way we are going backwards, but we do this in part to honor their lives. They traveled through hardships for a cause that they strongly believed in and we likewise are doing the same. Although they probably laugh at us when we complain about it being to hot as we run into the first air conditioned building that we can find.

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