Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shriners Hospital in Chicago

Tuesday July 20th: Last night we stayed with a real nice family, the Binghams. Laura asked if their farm was an animal or a crop farm. Mrs. Bingham laughed because all there is in every direction for miles and miles is corn. They gave us a tour of the farm. It was interesting to see what the different types of tractors do and to see the silos.

I rode on The Great Western Trail route. It used to be a stage coach and later a R/R route that was converted into a bike trail. There are a lot of those around these states.

Wednesday 21st: The Shriners Hospitals for Children in Chicago got a nice hotel for us to stay in. We went to the hospital today. We were talking to one of the Shriners and he was so impressed with what we are doing that he donated $100 cash right on the spot. We were treated like royalty all day. We went in the auditorium and spoke to the state (Illinois) high school football All-Stars that were visiting today. Kalli and Katleen, the hospital PR directors, were super. We had a fun picnic and then a tour of the hospital. They have some amazing technology.

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