Monday, May 31, 2010

"That's one small pedal for man; one giant pedal for mankind."

Wed May 26th:
School is out tomorrow but it is the last day for us. We have to leave after school today to stay on the biking schedule even if my kids want to mutiny. We have a totally loaded car top cargo carrier on the van roof and the the inside of the van is cram packed with the bare necessities for the entire summer. It is crowded. Of course I sang my traditional song as we drove down the freeway, "On the road again..." by Willie Nelson (feel free to sing along). We had to make several stops to let the dogs go potty. Yes, both of our chiweeniers are going to be with us this summer. That should be an added adventure.

Friday May 28th: Yesterday we drove from Nampa, Idaho to my mom's in Roseburg, Oregon and today we got up early enough to drive to Horsfall Beach on the Oregon Coast just above North Bend/Coos Bay. We had five Shriner members from surrounding areas. They had on their tall nice looking Shriner hats and three of them gave us a $100 each to donate to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. I had all my siblings there, except one, and a lot of their family with them. The Eugene/Coos Bay TV station was there with a camera and she interviewed us for at least 20 minutes . One of the Shriners, all dressed in Scottish attire, played the bag pipes. Next the Coos Bay Newspaper reporter asked a few more questions. See the article at Next we went down to the beach to officially start in the Pacific ocean and we were finally off!! I can't believe that we actually started our trip. It is exciting. I have been going crazy the last couple of days waiting to begin. I was in such great shape but because of the wedding activities and packing, not only did I throw out my back but I have only rode my bike once in the last seven days.

High today about 63 degrees with a nice wind at our backs all day. It was beautiful, all the trees, rivers, etc. We took our time and enjoyed the ride. It still seems kind of like a dream that we have actually started a cross-country bicycle ride. It hasn't completely hit me yet. Today was an easy 35 mile to Myrtle Point. we stayed with Ken and Jamie Stratton. They were a wonderful couple and treated us so well.

The only major disappointment is that our third riding partner, Jim Francis, Could not make the trip. His artificial knees need to be replaced. But Jim is with is in spirit and his bicycling advise has been very helpful. we are also very grateful to Jim for all the appointments he set up for us and several places to stay over night at.

Saturday May 29th: Day two of our ride. I went to bed at 10 PM last night. The Strattons had just remolded this room and it has bunk beds. I was on the top bed and only hit my head once last night. I woke up at 2:30 AM with some anticipation but mostly going over in my head a few dozen things that I have to get done. after over an hour I went back to sleep but we had to get up at 5 AM. We need to make sure that we get to Roseburg in time to get ready to go to mom's big birthday party celebration. The road was fairly peaceful the first couple of hours with very few cars. 40 mile up gradual then a couple of moderate hills but also a head wind.

Skyler was real worn out but he hung in there. I'm proud of him. we went 61 miles today. Some how we started a tradition of spitting over every bridge that has water under it (like a river or stream)-what can I say I'm with a 17-year-old-kid. Skyler is a great kid. He is very well mannered and just all around wonderful. Anyway back to the important topic, spitting off bridges. In 99 miles we have spit off of 33 bridges.


Anonymous said...

You guys are sooooooo cool! We are proud of you! Keep on going - one day at a time. Skyler, maybe you need to write your name on your shirt so the news people can spell it right. Do you get to blog, too or is that just Willard's job? =)Mom and Dad Z

Unknown said...

Whatch out for dehydration with all that spitting! Stay away from Pittsburg (city of bridges).