Friday, April 16, 2010


I walked out the door this morning with my hands full of trash. As I pushed the screen door open, walking backwards, I heard a crash. Santa came last night!! I looked down and saw a brand new Raleigh Sojourn bicycle!! I couldn’t believe it!! After standing there staring with a mixture of amazement and pure exhilaration I suddenly realized that I had knocked the bike over when I had opened the door. I quickly kneeled down to inspect it. I saw a little scratch and I think a small tear came to my eye. Oh well, it has now been initiated. Anyway, I was so excited I almost jumped on for a test ride but I had to go to work; but who cares about work?! Actually it was the two inches of new snow on the ground that obliterated my plan. Ironically I have researched touring bikes for months and this is the exact one that I wanted (for you bikers that are curious about what I think of the Raleigh Sojourn you can email me at

The bicycle, plus all the gear I need, is from my cosponsors at and Tifie is an organization committed to teaching individuals and families independence through enterprise, with a big focus currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I personally know the founder of Goal0. The Goal0team is brilliant. I put them right up there with Einstein and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Also Goal0 is letting me take their brand new invention on the trip. It is a solar-power battery that will keep my cell phone and lights going. It will be nice that I won’t have to worry about those going dead on me when I am out in the middle of nowhere with all the lions, and tigers, and bears (Oh, my)! I have seen how it is in action and it’s pretty amazing how well it works. It’s not big and bulky, everything is water resistant, and it is very durable. All you outdoor people need to check out the website, (that is the word "goal" with the number "0" after).

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